How much does a tattoo cost?
We do not price tattoos via email or over the phone. You would need to stop by your local Red Octopus to receive a quote.
Do you take walk-ins or appointments for tattoos?
We do both, but it depends on which location you go to. Call the shop beforehand to see if an artist is available to do either.
How long does it take for a piercing to heal?
Everybody's healing time is different. We recommend you leave it in for at least 6-8 weeks. If you are not having any issues healing, you could take it out sooner at your own discretion.
Do tattoos hurt?
Everybody's pain tolerance is different.
At what age can I get a tattoo and/or piercing?
18 without a parent's consent. 15-17 with a parent's consent. You would both need valid picture ID's. If you have different last names, then you need your child's birth certificate in addition to the valid picture ID's.
Do you offer discounts?
Yes, to military, police and first responders.
What are the piercing prices?
Prices are listed on the piercings page.
Do you sell retainers for piercings?
Yes, for a majority of them.
Would you pierce a baby's earlobes?
Yes, starting at 1 month. We use 14k yellow and white gold or stainless steel.
Do you sell gift cards?
Yes, we sell gift cards at all of our locations and online.
Are gift cards refundable?
No, they are not.
Do your gift cards expire?
No, they do not.
Tooth Kandy
What kind of crystals do you use?
We use Swarovski Crystals.
How long will the jewel last?
Anywhere from 6-24 months. Everyone’s tooth enamel is different. The weight of the jewel could determine how long it stays in place.
Does the jewel interfere with brushing?
No, but do not brush vigorously around the jewel.
Is the jewel harmful to my tooth?
No, the jewel is bonded to the enamel like an orthopedic bracket without any drilling or pain. When it is removed, it simply pops off and the tooth can be polished. Any remaining bonding material can be removed.
Are the jewels harmful if swallowed?
No. They do not have any sharp edges and will come out naturally with no bodily harm.